NetEnt vs Microgaming - Review of Top Software Developers

When it comes to the online gambling scene, it has undergone tremendous changes that is revolutionizing how players experience gambling. With the paradigm shift from land-based casinos to online casinos, software developers have taken the mantle of ushering players to the new era of gambling at . Some of the notable names which have marked this transition has undoubtedly been Microgaming and NetEnt. Both entities are involved in production of unique and innovative products that are transforming the manner in which people are receiving their gambling solutions.

Gaming Histories of NetEnt and Microgaming

Despite the current shift to online gambling, the journey began decades ago with the launching of gambling software by firms. Given the denomination of land-based casinos, the uptake of such services was limited. Microgaming hails as the first software developer to launch its casino software in 1994. The launch marked the first of a kind of revolution at a time where land based casinos were at its peak. The slot uptake of technological products saw the slow transition of Microgaming into a global powerhouse currently at .

Two years later after the launch of the first casino software, NetEnt joined the scene launching its version in 1996. Despite the new look of the firm, it still had its roots dug deeply with the traditional land based casinos available. The firm started become a pioneer with the upsurge of online casino services that rocked the mid-90's. The growth of the firm saw the launch of the first online casino in 2000. A decade later, the firm was enlisted as part of the London Stock Exchange.

Currently, both firms are involved in production of unique and intuitive gmabling solutions for online casinos across the globe. Microgaming boasts of a higher market reach involved in production of over 800 casinos games that serve over 400 dedicated online casinos. The casino is widely renowned for its supremacy in development of progressive jackpots. NetEnt also holds its own in the industry boasting of a series of innovative products that is transforming the casino experience. The casino services over 200 casinos with over 200 casino games.


Innovation and Uniqueness in Software Development

Microgaming is becoming a trailblazer in the online gambling scene with a series of innovative casino games. The casino recently launched the one of a kind super fast speed blackjack for customers across the globe. This is in addition to gaining access to regulated markets among many more. The firm also holds the crown for the only software developer that launched the first smartwatch platform that supports its casino games. The firm also holds the largest progressive jackpot network in the world.

  • Both entities are a member of the UK Gambling Commission
  • Both entities hold a variety of games for csutomers

NetEnt is currently the market leader in supply of slot games ranging from video slots, progressive slots, 3 reel slots and bonus slots among many more. The NetEnt software is widely used across the world with over 200 online casinos dedicated to their services. The slot machines at the firm boast of the highest payout percentages for players. The firm also hosts a platform for progressive jackpots that boast of both pooled and local version which reach out to millions of euros in winnings.